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Payment by credit card or Paypal:

Your payment has been accepted, the status of your order is: “processing”

Your order is now being prepared (two or three business days) and will be shipped as soon as possible. (See our “Delivery” section)

Your account will be charged the day the package ships, the sample will be taken on the basis of availability of items. If an item is found out of stock, you will not be charged for its cost.

Payment rejected because 3D Secure authentication failed, the purchaser has not authenticated their self and the status of your order is “Cancelled”

Your request for payment has been refused by your financial establishment, the status of your order is “Cancelled”

Payment refused, authorization refused due to an error in the security code entered, the status of your order is “Cancelled”

In the event you are unable to pay via credit card or bank transfer, contact our customer service through the “Contact Us” section.

What are the payment methods that I can use?

Credit card, Paypal, or Bank Transfer. Upon finalizing your order, you will be directed to the secure bank payment site. Processing will be handled by Paypal. The procedure to secure the transaction is 3D-SECURE, used by the majority of reliable e-commerce sites. To learn more, visit our Secure Payment article.

Can I pay by check?

Checks are not a payment method accepted by weed-growayerveda.com

However, you are able to pay for your order with credit card, Paypal, or by bank transfer.

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My order has “pending” status.

For orders made via credit card, the pending order is processed on the same day. However, if you have chosen to pay for your purchases via “Bank transfer,” you will receive the exact sum of your invoice as well as the bank information to use.

Once the transfer is made, your order will be awaiting shipment.

When your order is shipped, its status will become “Completed.”

You will receive an e-mail at every step.

My order has “cancelled” status.

Many circumstances are possible:

You have cancelled your order before completing payment

Your payment has been rejected

However, you can redo your order and proceed with payment again.

My order has “locked” status.

Your order has been locked by our customer service. There are various reasons for this: payment problem, items not available, etc.

We will send you an e-mail to notify you of the problem that occurred with the order.

You may also contact our customer service, which will gladly respond to your questions.

The order has been locked by our company for various reasons (items not available, for example). You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the problem that occurred with your order. If you require further explanation, contact our customer service via the Contact section.

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How long does delivery take?

Orders are shipped from Monday through Friday.

Your order will be processed in two to three business days with MRW Spain.

Attention, at certain times: Sales, Private Sales, etc., our processing times may be longer due to the larger number of packages to process.

Do you charge shipping fees?

In accordance with our customer service policy, shipping fees are free for all countries.

Can I track my package’s shipping?

In the confirmation e-mail for your order, you will find a link to track your package.

You will be notified via e-mail or text message on the day of delivery.

Tip: Consider providing us with your cell phone number to receive a text message.

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I can no longer find an item that I liked, why?

If a product sells out, the product is no longer displayed on the site. Depending on the quantity, customers may not add the product to their shopping cart until they modify the quantity.

Our products are visible on the site only within the limits of available stock and sales times.

A little advice: Check out or sign up for our newsletters to not miss a thing. They will keep you informed of upcoming sales on our site!

May customers from the entire world buy our products?

YES. For more information on shipping fees, see the Terms and Conditions.

May I purchase out-of-stock items?

No. If a product is sold out, the product will no longer display on the site. Depending on the quantity, you may not add the product to your shopping cart until you modify the quantity.

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How do I post a comment?

You must be registered and accept the “GDPR” before being able to post messages.

Don’t forget that a message written in French or English with good spelling and fine syntax will receive a satisfactory response.

Freedom of expression and rights of third parties

Comments are viewable by the public and your freedom of expression is limited by the protection of the rights of third parties. By making comments, you agree to:

  • do everything possible to respect the rules of politeness and of Spanish, French, English, and all other languages
  • stay on topic and not deviate from it. If you have another question to ask, you may ask it HERE.
  • Illegal activities under Spanish law.
  • not insult or make defamatory statements about identifiable or non-identifiable persons.
  • not send messages, files, or images of a pornographic nature, or sexually explicit, discriminatory, offensive, or Holocaust revisionist or denying material.
  • not glorify, in your messages, files, or images, racial or religious discrimination, Holocaust denial or revisionism, suicide, euthanasia, or abortion.
  • not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties. Any encouragement of counterfeiting, direct or indirect, shall be punished.
  • not engage in advertising directly or indirectly for commercial purposes.
  • not make inflammatory comments in order to encourage reactions that contradict these rules (troll).
  • respect the rules in use on the internet.

Moderation Policy

Comments are moderated. Therefore, your messages may be modified, moved, or erased. Your contribution must, among other things, touch upon the topic at hand and respect laws and regulations in force.

Moderation is carried out by the moderators and administrators.

When possible, the author of the moderated message shall be notified of the act of moderation via private message after taking action.

All published messages remain the responsibility of their author.

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May I exchange an item?

Exchanges are possible with the same item reference number in Spain.

It is not possible to exchange an item for another reference number. You must request a refund of the item you wish to exchange and order a new item.

You have fourteen days beginning from the receipt of your package to send your return to us.

Do I have to pay for the return shipping fees?

You must pay return shipping fees except in the case of an error on our part (manufacturing defect, error in the preparation of your order, labelling issue, etc.).

The return of the package shall be done at the post office.

Attention: do not forget to fill out and attach the return sheet to the package.

I don’t like or am not satisfied with an item, may I be reimbursed?

Items must necessarily be returned with our downloadable return form.

Return address:


C/ Valentín Gardeta, 30, 3º A21

22006 HUESCA (Spain)

You have a period of fourteen days beginning from the receipt of your package to send your return to us.

Return Sheet to be filled out

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How can I make use of my discount coupon?

The discount coupon is applied when you open your Shopping Cart page. You will find a “Discount coupon” box on that page, in which you can enter your discount code. Then click on “Apply” and wait for the discount coupon to appear in your shopping cart. If it does not show up, the code was not applied. Discount coupons are occasional, for example: Comments, etc.

Tip: Sign up for our Newsletter where we will provide you with available discount codes.

What are the dosages and instructions for the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack?

You can find the dosages and the instructions for the foliar or root application Cannabis Ayurveda Pack by plant below

You can download the file in PDF format HERE

I can’t find the answer to my question!

If you don’t find the answer to your questions, you can send us your message via the CONTACT form or directly submit us your questions via the FAQ. The latter will be looked over, confirmed, and published on the site by our team.

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