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Vegetative growth stimulant


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Algae Special Vegetative Growth Stimulant



ALGAE SPECIAL is an Ayurvedic concentrate of specific natural seaweed, Ecklonia maxima, with a multiple combination of active substances that gives it a high stimulating potential of vegetative growth for plants.

YUKHA Cannabis Fertilizers

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When using ALGAE SPECIAL you can observe:

  1. Top rooting effect:
    1. Reduction of mortality of cuttings and young plants.
    2. Balanced and well-developed root system.
  1. Maximum growth intensity:
    1. Increased vigor.
    2. Powerful and balanced quick sprouting.
  1. Powerful health intensification:
    1. Stimulation of plant defenses against both abiotic and biotic stress.
    2. Prevents premature aging of cells.


  1. Weekly to keep plants stimulated and balanced.
  2. To outpower plants from stressful situations.
  3. To improve the absorption of nutritional elements as an adjuvant.
  4. As a restorative of unbalanced plants.
  5. To provide extra growth in specific situations.
  6. As a supplement to vitamins and microelements.


ALGAE SPECIAL is used on a weekly basis, or in specific situations where plants need to cope with complicated situations.

  1. Foliar spray:
    1. Weekly applications: 1mL/liter of spray water, throughout the growing cycle.
    2. Corrective applications: 2mL/liter of spray water
  1. Thru irrigation:
    1. Weekly applications: 3mL/liter of irrigation water, throughout the growing cycle.
    2. Corrective applications: 4mL/liter of irrigation water
  1. Hydroponics:
    1. Weekly applications: 2.5mL/liter of circulating water, throughout the growing cycle.
    2. Corrective applications: 3.5mL/liter of circulating water
All YUKHA products, except the PROTECTIVA range, can be used in combination with each other without any inconvenience up to a maximum of 3 products in the mixture.Keep in mind that maintaining a neutral but slightly acid pH is essential for the application of these products, so it is necessary to keep the pH of the application broth around 6-6.5.Keep the products in their original container, tightly closed and away from direct sunlight. Under these storage conditions, YUKHA products have a shelf life of 24 months from the opening of the container.The YUKHA team advises not to exceed the recommended application rates to avoid physiological imbalances in plants.



ALGAE SPECIAL is extracted by cold processes to protect the stability and effectiveness of the high contents of active materials that are naturally present in algae and are very sensitive to degradation from high temperatures. In this way, this cold extraction that follows the traditional principles of Ayurveda completely protects the effectiveness of this Ecklonia maxima concentrate.

The ALGAE SPECIAL content comes only from the Ecklonia maxima seaweed species, so it is a completely organic vegetal concentrate. You can be sure that your applications will be completely free from both, animal and chemical products.


ALGAE SPECIAL stimulates the sprouting and root development of plants very quickly, efficiently and in a good balance.

ALGAE SPECIAL is a natural promoter and regulator of the manufacture of hormones that plants naturally produce, highlighting those actively involved in cell division and elongation (vegetative and root growth). Also, by regulating the synthesis of these hormones, their application helps control the excess vigor caused in plants that can lead to unbalanced growth.

ALGAE SPECIAL actively helps plants overcome different types of stress both biotic (caused by living organisms such as insects and fungi), and abiotic (drought, excess moisture, etc.), conferring greater resistance against aging of plant tissues (degradation of chlorophyll).

ALGAE SPECIAL presents adjuvant effects, which improve the processes of absorption of active ingredients by plants:

  1. Wetting effect: spreads droplets on the surface of leaves, roots, and substrates, improving the covering capacity of applications.
  1. Adherence: adheres to the drops of application on leaves, roots, and substrates.
  1. Moisturizing effect: prevents crystallization of applications, avoiding dehydration of the drops of application broth that stay on the leaves until the application is absorbed.

“Improving the balance and physiological state of plants thru applying natural vegetal active ingredients means increasing the quantity and quality of final production without compromising on your own health…”

ALGAE SPECIAL is an Ayurvedic concentrate of specific natural seaweed, Ecklonia maxima, with a multiple combination of active substances that gives it a high stimulating potential of vegetative growth for plants.
Advice and Recommendations
As the application doses are tiny, the set includes an extremely precise pipette or syringe graduated to 0.001 ml. It is necessary that you use a precision balance for the measurement of the solid formulation (KHAN-GEE).

The YUKHA team is made up of people of several nationalities and with different experience, but who all share a passion for plant extracts.

It is led by Choctaw L. whose Native American grandfather was passionate about using plants for medicinal purposes.

In India, Choctaw L. found out about traditional growing using plant extracts similar to those employed by North American Indians.

YUKHA was created in India in order to study alternative, natural solutions to using synthetic products normally employed in agriculture.

The development and legalization of recreational cannabis would quickly incite YUKHA to launch special research projects to make its growing practices healthier.

Based on millennia-old expertise and the incredibly rich knowledge of Ayurveda, YUKHA has fine-tuned a set of five complex and complementary formulas meant to guarantee the perfect balance between the plant and the 3 principle elements of its environment.

  • We are thrilled to share this knowledge through the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack which we are sure will give you the possibility of caring well for your plants yourself.

Choctaw L.

Yukha, an experienced team dedicated to your service

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