Cannabis Ayurveda Pack 5 in 1 for Weed

Presentation of Cannabis Ayurveda Pack

Presentation of the Cannabis Ayurveda Yukha Pack

     If you are concern about the health of your plants and yours and you no longer wish to continue using chemical additives to improve the production of your recreational cannabis plants, the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack will give you complete satisfaction.

The Cannabis Ayurveda Pack Yukha is a set of five products entirely of natural origin. The combination of these 5 products has been designed to complete your regular nutrition program in order to improve all phases of the growth and harmonious development of the cannabis.

    These natural formulations have been tested in both « indoor » (growing tents, greenhouses, etc.) and « outdoor » (in the open air) productions. In both cases, excellent results are obtained in increasing yields and improving the quality of production. A clear increase in resin formation in flower trichomes has also been observed and confirmed.

Taking as a reference the use of 250 ml of solution in foliar application for 10 plants and 0.5 L of solution per liter of culture substrate in root irrigation applications, the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack allows you to achieve a complete cycle for 17 plants. But imagine that the yield of these 17 plants is equivalent to the one of 31 plants and more in an unparalleled taste quality....

    The use of the Cannabis Ayurveda pack will lead you to give up any other stimulant or « booster » of uncertain origin, and you will see that with a little practice of the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack, you will surely learn to limit the use of chemical fertilizers in a very consistent way.

As a result, you will obtain a more natural, more important production, of better aromatic and gustatory quality.

Live an unforgettable experience with the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack !!!

      The YUKHA Team


In accordance with the philosophy of Indian Ayurveda, YUKHA develops its activities in constant respect of the environment and without any impact on nature.


YUKHA raw materials, extraction processes and all finished products are solely and exclusively natural.

Plant protection

YUKHA products are effective in protecting plants to grow healthy and balanced. YUKHA protects the health of plants and humans.

Cannabis Ayurveda Pack

*** Cannabis Ayurveda Pack ***

An amazing combination of 5 unique natural products, acting in synergy to give your production the best results.

Natural and sustainable sources
Natural and sustainable sources

We respect the concept of sustainable agriculture

The plants we use in developing YUKHA products come from natural and sustainable sources. The quantities taken are strictly controlled and respect the natural cycle of the plants. We also minimize the carbon footprint of our manufacture because our manufacturing processes are based on ancestral methods mainly using fermentation processes and very little energy.
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A little history - Our advice

Why a logo portraying a Native American Chief?

   As we all know, Native Americans were once called Indians, but not everyone knows they would come from East Asia and would migrate to North America through the Strait of Bering, there are some 13,000 years ago.

Some Native American tribes used marijuana in all aspects of their lives, for their healing power, at religious ceremonies, or to reinforce the visionary abilities of chiefs...

Yukha Ayurvéda

   YUKHA forms a bridge between the contemporary era (marijuana for recreational purposes), the ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs and preparations from India (Ayurveda) and the great knowledge of North American Indians about the "secret of nature"

The founder of "YUKHA, Secret of Nature", whose grandfather was a North American Indian, has been working in India for more than 22 years. It became clear to us that our logo would refer to Native American nations, as well as to the secrets of Ayurveda plants in India.

What is YUKHA?

Only YUKHA offers the incredible opportunity to combine millennial knowledge in the use of plant extracts, prepared according to the principles and methods of Ayurveda, to the desire of cultivating a recreational plant respectful to its equilibrium and its needs.

During the 22 years of YUKHA's founder's presence in India, we have accumulated a great knowledge of Ayurvedic herbal extracts that allowed us to develop the Ayurveda Cannabis pack with great precision and respectfully to ancestral methods.

What is YUKHA?

No one else has been able to think of the Ayurveda/Plants association for the recreational cultivation of cannabis, and this for several reasons, the main one being: knowledge about Ayurvedic preparations for plants is shared with those who are really involved in this process whose philosophical contours are fully part of the formulations preparations.

   The ancestral knowledge of Ayurveda being shared with people of confidence, our presence for 22 years in India made possible this transmission which has always been carried out with a deep respect for those who are the legitimate owners.

This is the main reason why the supply of raw materials is carried out exclusively by those who shared this knowledge with us.

The story of YUKHA

It begins in 2007, when we came up with the idea of offering natural products as an alternative to reduce the use of chemical in professional farming. So, we started searching to meet with Indian Ayurvedic specialists for plants ("VRIKSHAYURVEDA").

But in 2007, we faced a big disadvantage: professionals were not prepared for this type of philosophy about farming products. So, we carried on studying Vrikshayurveda without immediate commercial purpose.

In 2011, a change in the collective awareness of the damage caused through the use of chemicals, both fertilizers and phytosanitary products, prompted us to resume and deepen our approach.

During 2011, we took up the subject with the aim of offering to agricultural professionals a range of Ayurvedic products for plants: "Vrikshayurveda"

The story of YUKHA

We started this study with more than 60 different formulations. Through trials and studies of agronomic practices by Indian farmers, we have been able to select up to 12 formulations for use in professional farming.

Throughout 2012, we began to feel the first extraordinary changes in countries in the perception of the recreational use of cannabis (Colorado and Washington). We therefore naturally thought of selecting Ayurveda products in synergy with the cultivation of recreational cannabis, as we believed that great achievements would come from balancing the plant-land-water-air system, thus obtaining the desired production by reducing the use of chemical products.

After 6 years of testing, we were able to confirm the synergy between the 5 products of the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack and the cultivation of recreational cannabis.

Why is important to use the 5 products in combination?

   The YUKHA range of products (Cannabis Ayurveda Pack) is of extremely high and pure quality and 100% of natural origin. Its philosophy and production methods are based on Ayurveda's ancient Indian science, balancing body and mind. This science is called VRIKSHAYURVEDA for plants, balance between plant/soil/water and air. According to the principle of VRIKSHAYURVEDA, all 5 products of the range act synergistically, which means mutually reinforcing one another in maximizing the genetical expression of plants.

Why is important to use the 5 products in combination?

In technical trials carried out with the YUKHA product line we observed a production yield increment up to 135% higher than plants conducted only with organic or conventional nutritional program.

This production increment is directly linked to the essential maintenance of the plant-soil-water and air balance in which the plant evolves.

   Moreover, it was also possible to confirm a significant improvement of the overall bud quality.

By adding YUKHA products to your usual, reasoned nutrition program, you will be able to improve the general growing condition of your plants, increase your production and improve the taste and aroma of your crops without stressing the plants whist significantly reducing the use of chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides).

How did we developed the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack?

How did we developed the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack?

   We applied the 5 products as part of a reasoned program to improve the growth and development of plants in a completely natural way.

   YUKHA product range is entirely made in India, where raw materials used are carefully selected. The 5 products of this pack are then formulated and developed on basis of the knowledge that we acquired over the years with the know-how holders of rural areas located in the West Bengal region. The whole process has been supervised since 2012 by one of the best Vrikshayurveda specialists in India. Since then he is part of the YUKHA family and guides us in this great adventure.

Vegan Product:

Cannabis Ayurveda Pack is formulated exclusively from raw materials of vegetable origin, without any trace of products from animal origin, neither in its composition, nor in its packing. All adhesives used in the packaging are free of processed animal products.

Yukha Cannabis Ayurveda Pack Vegan

Safety in the application:

Cannabis Ayurveda Pack products are completely safe and respect both, health of the plant and that of users. 

Safety in the application

   In fact, the products do not contain any type of chemical substance but have been formulated with raw materials issued exclusively from plant extracts. Of course, these extracts were not produced by chemical extraction. All plant extracts of the Ayurveda Cannabis Pack have been obtained through the exclusive use of Indian natural ancient processes respectfully to the Ayurvedic philosophy and to the balance between the different constituent elements of human and plant life.

Where are the raw materials coming from?

The development of the YUKHA Cannabis Ayurveda Pack should not be a source of harm to the environment and should be respectful to people working in the field of collecting raw materials used for our manufacturing processes.

Where are the raw materials coming from?

   Thus, in order to obtain the raw materials, we decided that it was better to carry out a sustainable project and to collaborate with the rural families who shared with us their knowledge about Ayurveda for plants. In this way, we have created a strong and exclusive bond between the plant picking families and the YUKHA family.

This allows us to better control the quality of the products which, at the very beginning of our manufacturing process, consists in collecting raw materials by hand. This is a big qualitative advantage, however, there is a disadvantage, because frequencies of collection of raw materials must respect plants cycles, collected quantities are strictly controlled as well local cultural conditions are strictly applied.

As a result, YUKHA's productions are exclusive and limited.

Cultivation program with Cannabis Ayurveda Pack

   Each one of the products operates separately, but according to the Vrikshayurveda principle, the balance between the elements of the different formulations makes it possible to optimize the use and effect of each one of the plant extracts only when products are used together.

The YUKHA product line is compatible with all types of cropping systems. Traditional growing in soil, on coconut or peat culture medium, hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation.

Detail of the pack for the hydroponic cannabis cultivation program

Cultivation program developed by YUKHA


Hydroponic cultivation program for cannabis

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Cannabis Yukha Fertilizer

Cannabis Ayurveda Pack

Set of 5 AYURVEDIC products that work synergistically to improve and increase the yields and quality of your crops.


SOIL&WATER BLACK ROOTER - Improves and strengthens the rooting phase. Plant / soil balance.


KHAN-GEE Cannabis Ayurveda Pack


PROTECTIVE HERBAL CONCENTRATE - Promotes balanced overall growth while maintaining healthy leaves and roots. Plant / soil / water / air balance.

YETRA Cannabis Ayurveda Pack


HERBAL GROWTH ESSENTIALS - Improves and strengthens vegetative growth in a gentle and balanced way. Plant / water balance.

TAJHAL Cannabis Ayurveda Pack


BLOOMING ESSENCE - Increases flowering and improves the quality of flowers. Plant / soil / water balance.

JANGH Cannabis Ayurveda Pack


AYURVEDIC FLAVOR ENHANCER - Naturally promotes the formation of aromas and flavors. Plant / air balance.

MUDRI Cannabis Ayurveda Pack

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