Do we really believe that providing well-being to plants is limited down to giving them doses of fertilizers mainly from chemical origin?

Do we think that a plant that is not provided with meaningful welfare, could in return offer us all the well-being that we legitimately expect?

Plants are living beings that feel, communicate and live, so why not take care of their well-being? Have you ever thought about it?

It has been proven time and again, that giving well-being to another living being, produces greatly beneficial effects to the caregiver as well as to the plant.

The energy that comes out of this sharing relationship is surprisingly positive and balancing for the couple that you form with your plants.

The philosophy of VRIKSHAYURVEDA is to offer well-being and balance to plants...through plants!

It has proven itself for millennia when no chemical fertilizers and pesticides existed.

Farmers could only count on their cosmic relationship with the plants so that these plants, thus charged with the respect and well-being received, would amply nourish in return those who had taken such great care in offering to them well-being and balance. 

The C. Ayurveda Pack, only produced from VRIKSHAYURVEDA, will allow you to offer balance, well-being and so many other beneficial things to your plants that no chemical fertilizer can offer to them. 

   Give to your plants a favor: think about their balance, awaken their senses, make them want to satisfy you, do not treat them as objects and in return they will offer you pleasure and well-being.Complete your usual feeding program with C. Ayurveda Pack and see how your plants will reward you back.

Choctaw L.

Yukha copyright

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