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Protectiva-L Persistent liquid healer




PROTECTIVA-L is an Ayurvedic formulation with great healing power on wounds that have been caused during preparation of cuttings or which are caused by mechanical damages and possible branch ruptures.

YUKHA Cannabis Fertilizers

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When using PROTECTIVA-L you can observe:

  1. Drastically reduced possible chemical healers residues:
    1. Completely natural product.
    2. Elimination of chemical healers residues in your crops.
    3. Respectful to plant’s health and consumer’s health.
  1. Immediate systemic action:
    1. Rapid mobilization of the product within the plant.
    2. Triggers a rapid healing.
  1. Intense healing power:
    1. Quick and effective wound healing.
    2. Prevention of pathogen entry through wounds.
    3. Active fungal disease protection effect.


  1. To heal wounds of mother plants caused by cuttings.
  2. At the time of planting the cuttings.
  3. When plants are damaged by insects.
  4. After pruning to prevent diseases from entering through the cuts.


PROTECTIVA-L is applied when damage to plants, whether branch ruptures or trunk wounds, are detected. It is advisable to use it after the preparation of cuttings for plant propagation, to avoid losses caused by these wounds and it is highly recommended to apply it onto mother plants to prevent wounds from causing infections or death.

  1. Foliar spray: 1-2mL/liter of spray water. Every 5 days until the complete healing of wounds on the plant aerial parts.
  1. By irrigation: 1-2mL/Liter of irrigation water. Every 5 days until the complete healing of roots wounds.
  1. Hydroponics: 1-2mL/Liter of circulating water. Every 5 days until the complete healing of roots wounds.
All YUKHA products, except those from the PROTECTIVA range, can be used in combination with each other without any inconvenience up to a maximum of 3 products in the same broth.Note that maintaining a neutral but slightly acid pH is essential for the application of these products, so it is necessary to maintain the broth pH between 6 and 6.5.Keep products in their original packaging, well closed and protected from direct sunlight. These storage conditions will allow YUKHA products to have a shelf life of 24 months from the date of opening the container.The YUKHA team advises to not exceed the recommended dosages of application to avoid plant physiological disbalances.



PROTECTIVA-L is formulated by extracting 13 active plant molecules that are present in the sap of 2 wild woody species that grows in the mountains of northeastern India and are collected and extracted through ancestral Ayurvedic procedures.


The status of PROTECTIVA-L as a plant Ayurvedic formulation gives it a very special characteristic, since plants recognize the molecules as their own and are absorbed and assimilated immediately and in addition these molecules are 100% mobile within the plant, that is, they move within the plants to go to the indicated place where their action is required. This characteristic of the formulation is known as a systemic product.

The active materials that make up PROTECTIVA-L are extracted from 2 woody species to which non-lethal incisions are made to obtain their sap. Then sap is processed to extract the active substances with amazing and intense healing properties. PROTECTIVA-L insures a mild protective effect as well against fungal infections.

As it is a plant Ayurvedic formulation, you can absolutely be sure that it does not contain any animal nor chemical ingredient.

“Improving the balance and physiological state of plants thru applying natural vegetal active ingredients means increasing the quantity and quality of final production without compromising on your own health…”

PROTECTIVA-L is an Ayurvedic formulation with great healing power on wounds that have been caused during preparation of cuttings
Advice and Recommendations
As the application doses are tiny, the set includes an extremely precise pipette or syringe graduated to 0.001 ml. It is necessary that you use a precision balance for the measurement of the solid formulation (KHAN-GEE).

The YUKHA team is made up of people of several nationalities and with different experience, but who all share a passion for plant extracts.

It is led by Choctaw L. whose Native American grandfather was passionate about using plants for medicinal purposes.

In India, Choctaw L. found out about traditional growing using plant extracts similar to those employed by North American Indians.

YUKHA was created in India in order to study alternative, natural solutions to using synthetic products normally employed in agriculture.

The development and legalization of recreational cannabis would quickly incite YUKHA to launch special research projects to make its growing practices healthier.

Based on millennia-old expertise and the incredibly rich knowledge of Ayurveda, YUKHA has fine-tuned a set of five complex and complementary formulas meant to guarantee the perfect balance between the plant and the 3 principle elements of its environment.

  • We are thrilled to share this knowledge through the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack which we are sure will give you the possibility of caring well for your plants yourself.

Choctaw L.

Yukha, an experienced team dedicated to your service

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