KHAN-GEE, what’s that?

Cannabis Ayurveda pack contains 8 grams of KHAN-GEE, enough for the complete cycle of 17 plants. As per advised in the cultivation program, there are 3 applications per plant at a dosage of 0,15 grams per application. Hence you will be using only 7,65 grams for the complete cycle of 17 plants.

KHAN-GEE means Mother Earth.

This product is a high solubility black powder consisting of:  

  • 30% of leaf extracts obtained by fermentation from 4 different plant species
  • 70% of root extracts from 6 species of weeds (herbaceous) obtained through several grinding processes.

These extracts from leaves and roots produce a highly concentrated product with a perfect combination of activated amino acids, vitamins and enzymes.


KHAN-GEE is extremely effective on root growth. The fine combination of amino acids with vitamins and plant enzymes rapidly and efficiently promotes growth and elongation of cells in the root zones.

By promoting root development quickly and efficiently, KHAN-GEE allows young plants to set deeply and easily right after planting. It drastically reduces failures which often occur during this very sensitive phase of cultivation.

This highly balanced formulation also promotes the correct development of beneficial organisms (mycorrhizae, phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria, etc.) present in the growing media. Thus, plants grow in a healthy and balanced way during the early stages of cultivation.


KHAN-GEE application:

  • Has a direct and immediate effect on plants root system, stimulating and promoting cellular multiplication (rhizogenesis). A healthy and well-developed root system optimizes the process of nutrient absorption. By optimizing the absorption process, the energy that passes from the soil to the plants through the roots is just tremendously high.
  • Presents a combination of plant extracts which improves the structure of the growing media and promotes the development of useful organisms which are naturally present.
  • Brings in plant extracts which also promote plants vegetative development in a smooth and balanced way. Thus, the application of this KHAN-GEE, is generating a perfect balance between root and leaf development.


Alike all products belonging to the YUKHA range, KHAN-GEE is a complement to the producer's usual nutrition program and must be combined with the other 4 products of the YUKHA range as per advices presented in our cultivation program.

Very clearly, best results are achieved thanks to the synergy between the 5 products of the YUKHA range.

KHAN-GEE can be applied throughout the culture cycle, but the most important applications are during the first three weeks. It is advisable not to exceed 3 cumulative applications of KHAN-GEE per cycle.

Application dosage by irrigation and in hydroponic solutions:  

Application 1: On planting day.

     0.15 g per plant in a maximum water volume of 100 ml per plant.

Application 2: 9 days after the first application.

     0.15 g per plant in a maximum water volume of 100 ml per plant.

Application 3: 9 days after the second application.

     0.15 g per plant in a maximum water volume of 100 ml per plant.

Regarding the recommended dosage of application of YUKHA products, the statement: "if I use a higher dosage, I will get a better product effect" is not OK. The application dosages of YUKHA products have been tested for more than 5 years, in both indoor and outdoor productions and we found out that there is absolutely no added benefit when increased dosages are being applied.

This is due to the perfect synergy between the 5 products at the recommended dosage but yes, the synergy could become ineffective from higher dosages.

KHAN-GEE is a blend of natural plant extracts that leaves no residue on and in the plant tissues.  The usage of KHAN-GEE is riskless to plants, to people applying it and to final consumers.

KHAN-GEE provides a great energy to plant roots. KHAN-GEE is harmless to human health and truly ecofriendly!

khan-gee Cannabis Ayurveda Pack

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