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Among college students specifically, there was also a significant increase in the annual use of hallucinogens and a substantial and significant drop in current alcohol use.

Marijuana use continued to rise among college students and same-aged peers who are not in college in 2020, according to survey results from the 2020 Monitoring the Future (MTF) panel study, reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

This represents the highest levels of marijuana use recorded since the 1980s.

The survey also found that marijuana vaping and nicotine vaping leveled off in 2020 after sharp increases were reported every year since 2017 for both college students and same-aged respondents who are not in college. One might conclude that cannabis vaping decreased when the vaping crisis hit nationwide and health authorities found undisclosed additives and cutting agents like Vitamin E acetate in cannabis concentrates.

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Italy will likely hold a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis next year

(CNN)Italy will likely decide whether or not to decriminalize cannabis in a referendum next year, after campaign groups managed to gather the required 500,000 signatures in a week.

Popular referendums in Italy can be called if 500,000 signatures are obtained, and campaigners were able to obtain the necessary amount well before the September 30 deadline.

If the public votes to decriminalize cannabis, the purchase, sale and cultivation of the drug will all become legal under Italian law.

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Finland Going Legal Cannabis? The Green Party Calls for Marijuana Legalization in Finland

When most people talk about cannabis reforms, regulation, and legislation, America's first country usually comes to mind. This is mainly because American states are taking the lead on legalizing cannabis, and it is such an exciting time for the marijuana community. 

But another country is beginning to advance its cannabis industry, and we will discuss it in detail. You will be impressed by what you are about to discover with Finland's marijuana cannabis industry. 

Please give it up for Finland!!

Finland is not always on anybody's list when it is time to discuss the epicenter of marijuana reform. Still, the Scandinavian country is now taking a massive leap into its marijuana future. 

The Green Political Party in Finland, known as the Green League, is backing a policy to legalize and regulate its domestic marijuana market. Although the movie has no official stance at the legislative level, it is quite a historic moment. 

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How Will the German Elections Impact the Recreational Cannabis Market?

Germans, cannabis advocates, and international observers are very curious to know what the just concluded elections mean for the current cannabis reform trend in the European nation.

Analysts have put forward their projections on what they think could happen next. The common buzz in these projections is that everyone believes the status quo is about to change.

Cannabis Legislation in Germany

Germany has a cannabis measure that permits the use of medical cannabis. The measure was legalized in 1998, and in 2017, the law was modified to include other medical conditions as well as establish a provision for domestic production, export, and import of medical cannabis.

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Spain, Senate votes against regulating cannabis clubs

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Spanish Senate voted against the passing of a law proposed by the Confederal Left to regulate cannabis clubs throughout the country.

At the proposal of the Confederal Left, yesterday, Wednesday, the Spanish Senate voted on whether to process the rules to regulate cannabis clubs. The vote was against the measure. The conservative party of the PP, the socialist party PSOE and the ultra-conservative party of the VOX, which are a large majority, voted against the regulatory measure.

In contrast, the left-wing parties Geroa Bai, ERC, EH Bildu, together with the Catalan party JxCAT and the Liberal Citizens, voted in favor. The abstention from voting came from the Basque PNV and Aragonese from the PAR. The total sum was insufficient, therefore, and the path of these consumer associations has a complicated future.

The Navarrese senator from Geroa Bai Koldo Martínez, who was a speaker and defender of the initiative, assured that the objective was not to “simply legalize” the consumption of cannabis or its self-cultivation “as if it were an open bar”, it was about set limits by legislating strictly and consistently, and thus be able to differentiate it from the illegal market.

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