What is the best fertilizer for flowers?

     As everyone knows, flowering is the key stage in all production, especially in recreational cannabis cultivation. For a good flowering means to have a good production and therefore a good harvest. It is therefore essential to correctly manage this important and decisive phase for our crops.

     There are several parameters involved in cannabis flowering that are fundamental and essential. The first and most important parameter is the regulation of the hours in the dark phase and light phase, because these plants are characterized by starting their flowering when the light hours are equal to or greater than the hours of the dark phase, normally 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness, but this can also vary according to the tastes of the cultivated and the variety grown.

Microscopic view phosphorus and potassium begin to increase from the beginning of flowering

     An important parameter is also the correct fertilization of our plants, a well balanced plant will result in a good and fruitful flowering. Before and during flowering it is very important to have an adequate balance of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) which are the essential macronutrients.

     Nitrogen is an essential element that intervenes in the physiological processes of the plants, although during the flowering phase the nutritional needs of the plants in this element are reduced and a great contribution is not necessary, nevertheless it is still necessary.

     However, the needs of Phosphorus and Potassium start to increase from the beginning of flowering, to reach their maximum in the fattening phase, a phase in which it is necessary to use a fertilizer rich in P and K. Both Phosphorus and Potassium play an important role in this flowering phase, which is decisive for the final production. Phosphorus deficiency causes a delay in the flowering process and in turn, this element intervenes in the formation processes of the resins. Potassium also intervenes in the processes of elaboration and accumulation of carbohydrates and in the synthesis of proteins, all of which are necessary for the formation of the resins in our flowers.

     The supply of secondary nutrients and micronutrients is also essential. The secondary elements (Magnesium - Mg, Calcium - Ca and Sulphur - S) intervene directly in the correct development of the flowers, since they are fundamental elements in the adequate development and cellular growth of the plants. On the other hand, in the process of flowering of cannabis plants, the importance of Boron (B) and Molybdenum (Mo) should be stressed, as these two elements are essential for the correct development of pollen in the plants. A deficiency of these two elements will result in poor flowering and low resin production.

     Also, to improve and enhance the flowering stage of cannabis plants, it is interesting to apply products that enhance flowering to the maximum, such as the product of YUKHA JANGH. JANGH is a product that is composed solely and exclusively of developing flower extracts from 15 different plant species. JANGH acts by naturally encouraging changes, at the right time, in plants in areas of floral development, improving and optimizing the flowering process of plants in a completely natural way. By applying JANGH to the cannabis plants, it triggers the following changes in the plants:

  • It causes the necessary changes in the plants to trigger flowering and thus induce it at the right time, without advancing or delaying it.
  • It increases the number of flowers per plant without the size being negatively affected by this increase.
  • It increases the average weight of the flowers and improves their density.
  • It increases the final harvest yields of the flowers and improves their quality.

     Flowering does not depend solely on conventional fertilizers and grower management, with the application of JANGH you can help your plants to be more productive and even increase the quality of your final harvest.

Mila, R.

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Translated from the original text in Spanish by Yukha

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What is the best fertilizer for cannabis flowers?

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