More information on test conditions.

More information on the conditions for carrying out our varietal tests


Many of you have asked us what growing system we use in our trials.

This request is very relevant because the yield of a variety is very much dependent on whether it is grown indoors or outdoors.

All the test results we are presenting to you have been obtained in indoor cultivation.


We indicate the yields obtained per plant, bearing in mind that the classic indoor cultivation models are based on 16 plants/m².

Here is a short summary of the growing conditions of our indoor trials:

  • Density: 16 plants/m².
  • Container volume: 3.5 liters
  • Growing media: 100% coconut from the WASSYA brand
  • Sowing: exclusive use of 12-days cutting seedlings
  • Vegetative phase: 3 weeks
  • Adaptation period for induction of flowering by modification of the photoperiod: 7 days
  • Blooming/ripening: 3 weeks after the end of the adaptation to the change of photoperiod for blooming induction (12h/12h)
  • Harvest: at the end of ripening stage


In order to meet your expectations, we have completed the PDF on agronomic trials with all the information that you asked for. 

You will find this PDF at the bottom of the page "trial results".


We would like to warmly thank the many people who have sent us their questions and comments, thus enabling us to provide all necessary details for the best possible understanding of all trial results.

You can download the full result in PDF format by clicking on the image below

PDF on More information on the conditions for carrying out our variety trials


The YUKHA team

Indoor cannabis test results

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