How to remedy the deficiencies of cannabis plants?

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In the cultivation of cannabis, certain forms of deficiency can affect its proper development and the quality of its buds and leaves. If you grow it at home and notice a few imperfections, find out how to fix it!

Cannabis deficiencies: the never-ending signs!

As with all plants, the nutritional deficiency of cannabis results in the insufficient supply of nutrients or substances necessary for its growth and development. This can be of the primary , induced or organic type . The first occurs with the absence of one or more nutrients in the soil. The second relates to the difficulty of cannabis in assimilating these elements, even if they are present in the soil, and the third is due to a high content of a chemical component in the soil that blocks the action of the nutritional elements ( example: an excess of phosphate fertilizer blocks the assimilation of zinc).

Cannabis sulfur deficiency

To recognize the deficiencies of cannabis, you just have to trust the signs it sends and know their meaning:

  • Yellowing of leaves from inside to outside: zinc deficiency ;
  • Stunted plant growth, thin leaves, falling leaves: nitrogen deficiency ;
  • Cannabis small and stiff, with colored leaf tips (darker green or purple): phosphorus deficiency ;
  • Brown spots on the leaf blades, yellowing of the edges of the leaves and sometimes even of the stem: a potassium deficiency which slows down the absorption of chlorophyll.

However, these are not the only nutrients whose lack has a negative impact on the quality of medical cannabis . We can also cite the deficiencies of iron, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, molybdenum, copper, manganese, etc.

The optimal conditions for a good cultivation of cannabis

Like all living organisms, the cannabis plant needs nutrients in order to live and thrive. These nutrients, it draws them from the crumbly soil in which it is to be planted and which must be rich in compost , living organisms , vitamins and minerals. These are the elements necessary for the different stages of its growth , and these are obtained from feather meal, compost tea or other organic mixtures. For hydroponics , neutral or other soilless growing media, mixtures of nutrients, specifically developed concoctions can also be very useful.

Along with nutrients, and like all plants, water is essential for growing cannabis. Regular watering is essential, except for crops in rainy regions. If you choose to grow indoors, with hydroponics or soilless systems, the use of pure water with the correct pH is recommended for cannabis to thrive.

The cannabis plant also needs sunlight , a daily exposure time of 12 hours will be ideal, as a photoperiod of this duration is among the optimal conditions for its cultivation. This is the reason why it is recommended to plant the seeds in the spring so that the plant, at a certain stage of its development, benefits from strong sunshine in summer . However, it should be understood that cannabis also depends on the dark cycle to flower, hence the need to not exceed more than 18 hours of photoperiod .

In addition, the quality of the culture medium plays a big role in the development of cannabis. The type of soil, the neutrality of the environment for a soilless culture, for aeroponics and for hydroponics are all elements to take into account. The air, wind or breeze that allows the stems and leaves of the plant to move is also of utmost importance as it alleviates the growth of mold and the proliferation of pests.

Bio-activators: a complement to the conventional fertilization program, THE solution to remedy deficiencies

If, despite resorting to the conventional fertilization program, you cannot achieve the expected quality, it is probably due to a nutrient deficiency. To remedy this, the solution is to use bio-activators such as C. Ayurveda Pack . This is a set of 5 products of the YUKHA brand , products of natural origin of very high quality and which have already been widely proven. Developed according to the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda , they act in synergy to optimize the genetic quality of cannabis plants. The goal is to increase production up to more than 135% compared to that obtained from a conventional or chemical nutritional program. This is the result that you can achieve thanks to the plant-soil-water-air balance, the optimal condition for planting your cannabis plants.

Why use bio-activators to prevent plant deficiencies?

In addition to working on the balance of the environment where cannabis evolves, the YUKHA product line adapts to all types of existing cannabis cultivation. Each component relates to a specific function:

  • Khan-Gee , guarantor of the plant-soil balance, optimizes and strengthens the rooting phase of the plant;
  • Yetra , guarantor of plant-soil-water-air balance, balances overall growth while maintaining healthy roots and leaves;
  • Tajhal, guarantor of the plant-water balance, strengthens while improving the development of the plant in the most gentle way;
  • Jangh , guarantor of the plant-soil-water balance, intervenes at the time of flowering by working on the quality of the cannabis flowers;
  • Finally, Mudri , guarantor of the plant-air balance, focuses more on the formation of aromas and flavors by improving them in a natural way.

Thanks to these components, you can say goodbye once and for all to the dreaded deficiencies, whatever the culture medium used, because you will have the expected yield.

YUKHA products, natural products that respect plant biology

Made in India with carefully handpicked natural raw materials , these products have been designed and manufactured according to the ancestral know-how of the inhabitants of the West Bengal region. These are products guaranteed without any animal substance whatsoever, whether in their compositions or in their packaging. They are also devoid of chemicals that can affect the quality of the taste and aroma of cannabis. This choice to proceed with an extraction according to the ancestral Indian techniques is justified by the respect and the application of the Ayurvedic philosophy which seeks to maintain in balance the elements constituting the human life and the life of the plants. Such a technique makes this YUKHA pack an assortment of products to favor for successful cannabis cultivation by having leaves and flowers full of resin that will integrate the desired quality of cannabinoids.

Ishvara K.

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Gray mold on a cannabis flower

Gray mold on a cannabis flower

Calcium deficiency in the leaves in the middle of the cycle

Calcium deficiency in the leaves in the middle of the cycle

Lack of PK at the end of the cannabis leaf cycle

Lack of PK at the end of the cannabis leaf cycle

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