Complementary development of the vegetative phase of cannabis

The first of the growth phases that Cannabis plants go through is decisive for the future development of plants in their productive phase, flowering.

Therefore, the initial growth phase of Cannabis plants must also be cared for with care and dedication , offering plants everything they need so that their development is smooth, balanced and powerful.

In these initial stages of growth, Cannabis plants require high amounts of Nitrogen and Phosphorus , which are the main nutritional elements that they will need to develop their leaves, stems and roots correctly.

Apart from the use of essential nutrients, supplements can also be used for the vegetative development of Cannabis plants , which are products that improve the growth and behavior of plants in the initial stages of cultivation (development of vegetative parts). of plants, non-productive phase). These types of products, as their name indicates, are complements of the usual nutritional program based on the nutrients of the grower .

The complements of this type that are available in the market have diverse and varied compositions, of which we can highlight the following:

  • Products made from synthetic growth-promoting hormones (mainly AIA or AIB). With this type of hormone-based products you must be very meticulous and careful in their application and dosage, since if you make a mistake you will pay with unbalanced plants.
  • Amino acid- based products: These products are usually made from a mixture of various amino acids , which may be of animal, plant or synthetic origin, and the manufacturer does NOT normally specify their origin . The principle of action of amino acid based products is that the plant requires large amounts of energy to make these amino acids that it needs for its growth, but if we apply these amino acids to Cannabis plants, they will use all their energy only to grow by assembling the amino acids that we apply as if they were Lego pieces.
  • Microelements or Oligoelements (Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc): Products that contain microelements in their composition, are normally a mixture of the 6, in different concentrations, their effect on Cannabis plants prevents any type of imbalance of any of the microelements, but they really DO NOT have any direct effect on plant growth .
  • Vitamin- based products : Usually, in this type of products the origin or provenance of the vitamins indicated in their composition is not exactly specified , because it is somewhat difficult to make the determinations to identify them. They are usually products that give plants a slight boost in their vegetative growth phase .

At YUKHA, we develop a new product TAJHAL, which belongs to the range of 5 YUKHA products, the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack and which is a great complement for the vegetative development of Cannabis plants.

The philosophy of YUKHA products is to combine the ancient knowledge in the use of plant extracts , in accordance with the principles and methods of Ayurveda , with the desire to grow a recreational plant in conditions respectful of its balance and needs.

The product of the YUKHA range that is used as a complement for the vegetative development of Cannabis plants is TAJHAL , which is obtained from the extracts of the husk of grains of 17 herbaceous plants, produced through distillation processes combined with processes of Filtering intermediates, from which the different active ingredients contained in these husks are extracted.

At YUKHA, we have developed a new product TAJHAL

With the application of the extracts that TAJHAL contains in the vegetative development stages of Cannabis plants, the following effects are achieved:

  1. The energy that the plant generates for the manufacture of amino acids is enhanced . TAJHAL optimizes the energy that plants generate to grow in a balanced way. And in turn, this is a consequence of the product having a direct effect on the optimization of photosynthesis , in order to ensure the correct development of the plants.
  2. It improves the enzymatic activity of all the processes of the plants in which it intervenes: photosynthesis, Krebs cycle, etc.
  3. The correct flow of essential microelements is ensured, since these are naturally present in TAJHAL extracts, effectively preventing any type of imbalance of microelements in Cannabis plants.
  4. It ensures a balanced flow of vitamins that are naturally present in TAJHAL extracts.
  5. The development of plants in the vegetative growth phase is really promoted , in a smooth and balanced way both on the root part and on the aerial part , stimulating and enhancing their development to the maximum power of genetic expression of cultivated plants , without causing any kind of stress on them.
  6. Very significantly increases the final yields of the harvests .
  7. It promotes the production of the natural self-defenses of Cannabis plants, in this way, they are prevented to fight against any type of external biotic aggressor.

TAJHAL , is a magnificent complement for the vegetative development of Cannabis plants. Of completely vegan origin, which combines the actions and effects of the products on the market for the development of vegetative growth with total security, without the possibility of error and with assured efficacy.

Mila, R.

Yukha copyright

Translated from the original text in Spanish by Yukha

The first of the growth phases

TAJHAL, est un magnifique complément au développement végétatif

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