Benefits of organic matter application in Cannabis cultivation

Organic matters are fertilizers that come from organic elements, and these can have an animal or plant origin.

Organic materials of animal origin come from the organic waste generated by these animals and originate from swine, milk, meat, and poultry farms.

Organic fertilizer

On the other hand, organic materials of plant origin, come from the production of vegetable residues from crops or are grown to formulate organic materials such as beetroot or soybeans.

Applying organic fertilizers

To soils or substrates used for cannabis cultivation, applying organic fertilizers has multiple benefits, which will help optimize plants to the maximum, improving the absorption and assimilation of nutrients incorporated into irrigation. Of all the benefits that can be obtained from the application of organic materials in soils, these are the most noteworthy:

  • It helps the mineral elements of the soil and substrates to "join", forming stable aggregates improving their structure.
  • It promotes that soil and substrates have a good porosity, improving the aeration and penetration of water into them.
  • By improving porosity and water penetration, water retention capacity is increased, so irrigation needs can be reduced.
  • It provides soils and particle substrates with a high ability to retain and exchange the nutritious cations applied in and present in fertigation.
  • It acts as a buffer for possible sudden changes in pH.
  • It helps to stabilize the micronutrients present in the soil and substrates, forming complex organo-metals that facilitate their absorption.
  • It facilitates and improves the development of beneficial microorganisms present in soils and substrates (we will talk about the importance of microorganisms in culture media in the following blogs).

When applying organic matter, one will have to assess what is best suitable and one should consider the two points described below for the selection of the most matching product:

  1. An organic matter of animal, or plant origin: both types can be used without any inconvenience, as the two options are good.
  2. Label should indicate the CARBON / NITROGEN (C/N) ratio, for this we will have to look for a product with a balanced C/N with values between 8.5 and 11.5. And the reasons for selecting these values are:

Ratio C/N < 8.5: lack of power. High release of mineral nitrogen.

C/N ratio between 8.5 and 11.5: balanced soil. Control in the release of mineral nitrogen and the carbon content of the soil.

Ratio C/N > 11.5: soil with excess carbon and excess energy.

Once the product is selected, you only have to apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions and you will see how your Cannabis plants improve, since they will have a balanced and improved growing medium, with an optimal structure to facilitate both the nutrient absorption processes and the root development of the plants.

The YUKHA team recommends regular use of fertilizer products with organic matter to take advantage of its benefits and thus improve and facilitate the cultivation of Cannabis both in pot with substrates and in soil. Among the products of the Cannabis Ayurveda PackKHAN-GEE is a product rich in vegetal organic matter, with an optimal C/N of 9.4 forwhich we recommend its use during the first 3 weeks of cultivation,because during these 3 weeks the plants are more sensitive and the contribution of this product as we have mentioned throughout the blog, it helps plants to optimize the substrate to the maximum by improving the absorption of nutrients and preparing it for the entire cycle of plants.

Carly, K.

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Organic materials in cannabis cultivation

Organic materials of animal or plant origin

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