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The YUKHA team is made up of people of several nationalities and with different experience, but who all share a passion for plant extracts.

It is led by Choctaw L. whose Native American grandfather was passionate about using plants for medicinal purposes.

In India, Choctaw L. found out about traditional growing using plant extracts similar to those employed by North American Indians.

YUKHA was created in India in order to study alternative, natural solutions to using synthetic products normally employed in agriculture.

The development and legalization of recreational cannabis would quickly incite YUKHA to launch special research projects to make its growing practices healthier.

Based on millennia-old expertise and the incredibly rich knowledge of Ayurveda, YUKHA has fine-tuned a set of five complex and complementary formulas meant to guarantee the perfect balance between the plant and the 3 principle elements of its environment.

  • We are thrilled to share this knowledge through the Cannabis Ayurveda Pack which we are sure will give you the possibility of caring well for your plants yourself.

Choctaw L.

Yukha, an experienced team dedicated to your service

Cannabis Ayurveda Pack Cannabis Ayurveda Pack 2
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Natural Hydroponic Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis Ayurveda Pack

YUKHA The secret of Nature
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   Five 100% natural formulations: YETRA, TAJHAL, MUDRI, KHAN-GEE, and JANGH are bio-activators to be used in addition to the conventional fertilization program. These formulations all come from Vrikshayurveda and their combined application according to the recommended dosage in our cultivation program, will give you a considerably increased...

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