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Creation of Europe’s Largest Legal Weed Market

Negotiations to legalize weed in Germany have been spurred on by unfounded fears that the country’s illegal cannabis is being laced with heroin.

Germany’s incoming coalition government is close to setting up a deal that would legalize recreational weed in the EU’s most populous country.  

The coalition parties, under Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, are in talks to make Germany – population of 83 million – one of the biggest single legal cannabis markets in the world.  

Yet it appears negotiations for legalizing weed, a policy contained in manifestos of coalition partners the Greens and pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), only became a reality because a key figure in the negotiations, the Social Democrat (SPD) politician Karl Lauterbach, believes illegal German cannabis is laced with heroin in order to get smokers hooked.  

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Older women find benefits in cannabis

Middle-aged women frequently acknowledge that they use cannabis to treat symptoms associated with menopause, according to new survey data presented at the annual meeting of The North American Menopause Society.

Investigators with the University of Alberta surveyed nearly 1,500 middle-aged Canadian women about their use of cannabis. Marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational purposes in Canada.

One-third of those surveyed acknowledged having used cannabis products within the past month, an turnaround from previous generations of seniors, in a continuation of trends over the past couple of decades.

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ABSTRAX Pins the Exact Origin of Cannabis’ Distinctive Skunk-Like Aroma in Scientific Peer-Reviewed Study

For years, the cannabis science community has been befuddled by what compounds generated this scent. Although terpenes have traditionally been associated with the scent of cannabis, there is no combination of these compounds that can generate the unique and characteristic skunk-like aroma of cannabis. Now, a team led by T.J. Martin of ABSTRAX has uncovered an entirely new family of compounds responsible for this scent.(1) Using 2-Dimensional gas chromatography (2DGC) coupled with mass spectrometry, flame ionization detection, and sulfur chemiluminescence, they discovered key volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) – organic compounds containing sulfur – that directly correlate to the pungent aroma of cannabis. This new family of compounds includes thiols, sulfides, and even disulfides. Each were found to contribute to the characteristic skunk-like aroma, and when coupled with the other aroma compounds such as terpenes, combine to generate the unmistakable and potent scent of cannabis.

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Uber Eats offers click-and-collect cannabis service in Canada

Uber Canada launched a click-and-collect service in Ontario in partnership with cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke, marking Uber’s much-anticipated entry into the regulated marijuana industry.

The service does not offer delivery.

Instead, consumers will be able to use the Uber Eats app to place orders and then collect products in-person at one of Tokyo Smoke’s 35 stores in Ontario, the biggest adult-use market in Canada by sales.

Tokyo Smoke, a subsidiary of cannabis giant Canopy Growth, and Uber Canada launched the exclusive partnership Monday, they announced in a news release.

Ontario consumers already had the ability to order click-and-collect directly from stores, but this is the first time Uber has listed a cannabis retailer on its popular app.

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Using cannabis in pregnancy linked to aggression and anxiety in children, a study suggests

(CNN)More and more women are using weed in pregnancy but they may want to think twice.

Researchers have found a link between marijuana use by expectant mothers and autism and childhood psychosis. Now, a small study has shown how cannabis use can affect the placenta and may be linked to higher levels of anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity in children.

The US researchers looked at 322 mother-child pairs based in New York City who were part of a wider research project on stress in pregnancy. When the children were between 3 and 6 years old, hormone levels were measured from hair samples, electrocardiogram recordings were used to measure heart function, and behavioral and emotional functioning was assessed based on parental surveys.

The study team also looked at placental tissue collected at the time of birth for some of the participants.

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One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Islands Might Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

The European continent has served as a hotbed for medical cannabis policy reform and the emerging cannabis industry in recent years. This year the conversation among lawmakers in Europe has shifted dramatically towards adult-use legalization, with countries like Germany and Luxembourg consistently making headlines for their legalization efforts. However, a lesser-known country could beat both of those countries to the legalization punch. Malta, an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, is very close to legalizing cannabis for adult use. So close, in fact, that it could occur any day.

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Hollande says he is in favor of the legalization of cannabis, after having defended the opposite at the Élysée

A fierce opponent of the decriminalization of cannabis, the former President of the Republic now says he is in favor of its legalization to "eradicate the traffic".

Edge change. While François Hollande opposed the decriminalization of cannabis when he was President of the Republic, he now says he is in favor of the legalization of cannabis.

In an interview with Konbini, the former tenant of the Élysée Palace said he "came to the conclusion that this trade must be legalized to better control it, to ensure public health and ultimately to eradicate the traffic".

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Details of the legalization of recreational cannabis in Luxembourg

It appears from the 2018 – 2023 Coalition Agreement that legislation on recreational cannabis will be developed (Coalition Agreement 2018-2023). The concept initially proposed, as part of a public health approach and providing for the establishment of a legal access to cannabis, has experienced a slowdown due to the pandemic, but will continue to be developed.

Given that it nevertheless seems essential to us to move forward with regard to crime prevention, the political approach consists of proceeding in stages and implementing a different approach to recreational cannabis right now, pending the finalization of the original project. The recreational cannabis project is integrated into a broader catalog of inter-ministerial measures, in order to tackle the fight against drug-related crime in a horizontal way.

On the one hand, it is proposed that adults should be able to legally grow for personal consumption up to four cannabis plants per household from seed.

On the other hand, it is planned to decorrectionalize the penal sanctions for small quantities of cannabis on the public highway and to institute a lighter and more expeditious penal procedure (taxed warnings) with regard to adults whose consumption, possession and possession in public, as well as transportation and acquisition does not exceed 3 grams of cannabis or its derivatives (including mixed products).

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