News of August: Cannabis around the world

Germany's federal drug commissioner endorsed decriminalizing possession of up to six grams of marijuana.

Possession of cannabis quantities of up to six grams should no longer be a criminal offense nationwide in the future - this is what the Federal Drug Commissioner is advocating. This would also relieve the police and the judiciary.

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CBD Use Associated With Improved Emotional Wellness

We are living in the midst of some truly hard times. Due to the ongoing pandemic and many other factors, emotional wellness is something that many people struggle with.

It was estimated that roughly one out of every seven people globally struggled with mental health as of 2017, and it’s likely a safe bet that the problem has only gotten worse.

Emotional wellness is a subset of overall mental health, and is often described as a person’s ability to successfully navigate the stresses that come with life, and to be able to adapt to change during difficult times.

Depression has increased during the pandemic all over the world, as have anxiety and emotional exhaustion, and people are looking for ways to reduce that depression

According to the results of a new study, CBD may be able to help.

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6 common marijuana cultivation techniques that are more myth than fact

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, every grower believes he or she invented how to do it.

And for a long time, those hard-earned secrets were kept close to the vest.

But now, with more legal markets coming online in the U.S., expert cultivators are increasingly likely to share their expertise.

With that sharing of knowledge, they’ve also come to realize that growers have been holding on to superstitions and myths.

“There are countless ‘legacy’ practices used in the cannabis industry with absolutely no scientific justification,” said Travis Higginbotham, vice president of production for Harborside Farms, based in Salinas, California.

MJBizDaily spoke with a couple of cannabis cultivation experts about common myths they believe could use another look in the modern industry.

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A review concluded that "recent case reports and retrospective studies have displayed the potential efficacy, safety, and tolerability of cannabidiol (CBD)-rich medical cannabis use for treating both core symptoms.

Earches were performed to collect information surrounding currently used medications and their safety and efficacy profiles, biologic plausibility of cannabis use for symptoms of ASD, and studies detailing cannabis' safety and efficacy profile for use in the ASD population. Results were used to compare medications to cannabis as a proposed treatment.

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Myths about lighting pervade the marijuana industry.

Because the industry was underground for so many years, it led to growers doing things in ways that “make no sense,” said Marc van Iersel, horticulture professor at the University of Georgia. “Old-school cannabis growers believe it’s a special crop, different than any other plant,” van Iersel said.

“In reality, it’s just one more photoperiodic greenhouse crop. In many ways, it’s not that different from growing a poinsettia or chrysanthemum.”

Van Iersel and other horticultural lighting experts and cannabis lighting professionals weighed in about the lighting myths they hear frequently:

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Nevada first state to allow veterinary CBD treatment

Nevada veterinarians are the first in the nation to win permission to treat animals with cannabinoids, including CBD.

A new law taking effect Oct. 1 clears vets to recommend and administer hemp and cannabidiol products below 0.3% THC without fear of sanction from the state licensing board, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported Thursday in its journal.

CBD is commonly sold through veterinary channels in all states. But veterinarians could be sanctioned for administering it because the products haven’t been approved for animal use by the U.S.Food and Drug Administration.

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