What better fertilizer for root development?

A rooting agent is a product that promotes the development of plant roots in their initial stages of growth.

     With regard to cannabis, there are two different types of root development; the first is the one that starts through the seed by the process of germination and the second is the rooting of cuttings, which consists of obtaining roots from an aerial zone of the plant.

      Germination and rooting is one of the most sensitive phases of growth, as it will determine whether or not the plants survive. To ensure that they successfully pass this stage, we must give cannabis what it needs at this sensitive stage. Cannabis plants really don't differ much from other plants when it comes to rooting in terms of nutrition. 

      However, to achieve good rooting, several parameters are necessary. It must have a good substrate that allows the roots to settle in it, it must provide a fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus, because this element is essential for the development and growth of roots. It is also advisable to use hormonal or organic additives that are always a good help for this very sensitive process. Normally the hormones applied are of synthetic origin obtained in laboratories, as opposed to organic additives that are extracted from nature and can be of both animal and vegetable origin. The best organic additives are those of plant origin (there are also quite a few of animal origin, as their price is usually lower on the market) and in their composition we can find humic extracts (humic and fulvic acids) that help to improve the structure of the substrates and also have a direct effect on plants.

KHAN-GEE is a perfect root growth promoter.

      At YUKHA, after several years of research, we have developed our particular rooting stimulation product for cannabis plants, perfectly suitable for both cuttings and seeds. Our KHAN-GEE is a product of exclusively vegetable origin (it is a vegan product) which is made up of 30% of leaf extracts obtained by fermentation of 4 different native Indian plant species and 70% of root extracts of 6 herbaceous species, obtained through a milling process. Therefore KHAN-GEE is a perfect root growth promoter for both seeds and cuttings. The fine combination of its amino acid composition together with the vitamins and plant enzymes promotes fast and effective growth and elongation of plant root cells.

     By applying KHAN-GEE in the rooting phase of our cannabis plants, they ensure the correct rooting of the young seedlings at the time of transplanting, minimizing failures in this very sensitive phase of cultivation.

The great balance of this product also favours the correct development of beneficial organisms (mycorrhizae, phosphorus-solubilising bacteria, etc.) that are found in the culture medium, so that the plants develop in a healthy and balanced way in the initial stages of the culture that are the most sensitive.


Mila, R.

Yukha copyright

Translated from the original text in Spanish by Yukha

stimulating the rooting of cannabis plants

Germination and rooting is one of the most sensitive phases of growth.

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