Overview of therapeutic cannabis

   Many countries finally decide to conduct experiments on the use of medical cannabis. It is an encouraging way which, normally, should help many patients to relieve their pains according to their pathologies. These are the very ones against which the usual painkillers are ineffective or can no longer reduce. What is medical cannabis? What does it consist on ? What results or effects should we get from it? These are all questions that we will try to answer below.

Therapeutic cannabis, still banned in some countries

   Unlike the thirty countries that have authorized the use of cannabis for medical purposes since the beginning of 2019, many countries are reluctant to this idea. In 1964, Raphaël Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist, succeeded in isolating THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive compound in the plant. This discovery made it possible to revive the medical interest of the product in international laboratories. Several American, European states as well as other countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Italy or others have therefore all started. With it, they want to relieve the symptoms of certain illnesses or the side effects of various treatments on their patients. Patients who have used it recognize the effectiveness of medical cannabis since it has changed and improved their lives.

What is medical cannabis

What is medical cannabis!

   But what is cannabis or therapeutic marijuana? It is nothing more or less than Sativa cannabis from which phytocannabinoids dedicated to an entirely medical use are obtained. We quote THC and cannabidiol or CBD , plant and natural cannabinoids, prescribed in particular for their antiemetic properties. This means that they work against vomiting and nausea, the side effects of certain pain relieving opiates and chemotherapy.

   Therapeutic cannabis is therefore intended only for patients who suffer from serious diseases and whose pain cannot be alleviated by conventional painkillers. This is why its use is supervised by health professionals. This differs from the use of cannabis for recreational or wellness purposes. The latter is to use cannabinoid products to help easily fall asleep or relax.

The origin of medical cannabis and its components

   Therapeutic cannabis thus takes its origins from the use of the plant in its natural state in ayuverda , a traditional medicine from India, but which other countries also practice. It is an unconventional medicine which is based on the uniqueness of each individual to treat man as a whole. By knowing the composition of his deep nature, the individual can know his needs in order to rebalance his health, his mood, his diet, etc.

   To lend to this use, however, the cultivation of cannabis must follow certain standards, including the use of all-natural fertilizers with the essential supplement Cannabis Ayrveda Pack . Based on 5 completely natural formulations, it is composed of bioactivators which can be used in addition to the conventional fertilization program. By providing the nutrients it needs, this product allows cannabis to provide the quantity and quality of cannabinoids necessary for medical use.

  • THC is the main one whose psychoactive property makes it possible to modify the psychological and behavioral functions of the individual, including sensations, perceptions, mood, consciousness, etc. Besides making euphoric, this active substance also decreases pain, dilates the bronchi, relaxes muscles and increases appetite. It also reduces fever and eye pressure and is a recognized antiepileptic and antiemetic.
  • CBD or cannabidiol does not have any psychoactive effect, however, it can even nullify the psychoactive properties of THC if in too high a dose. However, it has sedative, anti-inflammatory, antiepileptic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic properties.

   This is how both THC and CBD prove useful in alleviating the symptoms of certain serious illnesses. This is also the reason why the sale of certain drugs based on these cannabinoids is legal in the aforementioned countries. We cite as an example:

  • the Sativex,
  • Marinol,
  • Cesamet,
  • Epidolex.

Diseases treated with medical cannabis

The serious illnesses treated for pain with medical cannabis are:

  • cancer and HIV / AIDS infections whose symptoms include severe nausea, anorexia, severe weight loss, severe pain,
  • multiple sclerosis which manifests as persistent muscle spasms,
  • epilepsy which causes convulsions,
  • the severe form of arthritis that causes severe pain…

Possible side effects of medical cannabis

   However, it seems that these cannabinoids cause certain undesirable effects in its users, the reason for its use sparingly and under medical supervision. It can be independence, abuse or intoxication which leads to anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia and others in certain sensitive consumers.

   Further research is thus carried out in order not to further stigmatize cannabis as being responsible, above all, for those that are negative. Indeed, there is nothing to confirm that feeling the beneficial effects of cannabis could then lead to a mental health concern in the patient. This is valid both for those who are treated with it, in the therapeutic context and for those who consume it for recreational purposes or for general well-being.

Towards the legalization of medical cannabis worldwide?

   In any case, we are patiently awaiting the return of patients who are participating in experiments in many countries. It is the same for the different possible dosages which will surely include the 2 active ingredients of therapeutic cannabis. Depending on the disease, the patient will be prescribed more THC or more CBD in order to judge their effectiveness. If, in addition to the euphoric effect of therapeutic cannabis, other unpleasant effects appear, patients will immediately inform their doctors. In all cases, the dosage is not the same as in the context of recreational use of cannabis. Who knows, perhaps, the results would then finally make legal the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes in the world? In the meantime, its recreational use is authorized in many countries.

Wait and see!

Favio G.

Yukha copyright

Translated from the original text in French by Yukha

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What is medical cannabis or marijuana?

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