Benefits of growing cannabis organically

   Whether for recreational or therapeutic use, cannabis users now demand quality products that meet their requirements in terms of taste and potency . This is why they are moving more and more towards organically grown cannabis , which as the name suggests, is exclusively produced or processed with natural products from the beginning to the end of plant development. If you are growing it, but are hesitant to give it a go because you don't know the benefits, learn about the major benefits of growing cannabis organically in this article.

What is organic cannabis cultivation?

What is the organic cultivation of cannabis first and how does it differ from conventional cultivation with chemicals?

   As with organic fruits and vegetables, growing organic cannabis is all about growing it in soil rich in bacteria, fungi, and other tiny living organisms. We are talking about organic soil, the level of complexity of which is obtained by the use of fertilizers or compost from organic waste transformed in a relatively short time. This compost often consists of:

  • plant waste,
  • manure from organic farming,
  • bat guano,
  • kelp,
  • algae,
  • worm castings,
  • different types of flour,
  • rock dust, etc.

Decomposing organic matter for good compost

Also, the compost substantially contains nitrogen, carbon, but also other nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and minerals. These are the elements the plant needs in order to thrive properly and provide the resinous buds as desired.

Growing the cannabis plant in soil is therefore not enough to judge it as “organic”. It must be enriched with these essential components. Organic cultivation is thus greatly different from conventional cultivation, using chemicals to develop the plant artificially and thus obtain early harvests. This increasingly disparaged technique can indeed have negative impacts on consumers, but also on the environment.

Organic cannabis cultivation to make buds taste better and smell more

   If you want to do without all these chemical materials that you ingest without your knowledge, and the consequences of which are harmful to your health, prefer organic cannabis cultivation . This method also allows you to get better taste, better yield and more aromas . Indeed, still like fruits and vegetables, organic cannabis is recognized as tastier and provides quality cannabinoids . Those who have tasted it can confirm it.

There is therefore a clear difference between the flavors of organic cannabis and that of conventionally cultivated cannabis. The presence of terpenes in organic cannabis is at the origin. It is an aromatic substance without which cannabis would be bland and boring, because it does not provide the pleasure or the desired effect so sought after by consumers. For good reason, these aromatic substances are attributed the delicious smell and the effect expected from the consumption of cannabis flowers .

However, this would not be the case if the soil in which the plant is growing did not contain the required nutrients. Essential organic nutrients essential for large plants like cannabis .

Organic cultivation to improve yield

   The other advantage of organic cannabis cultivation is its high yield. Indeed, if the followers of the conventional culture think that it is enough to add chemical fertilizer to obtain a good harvest, they are mistaken.

Of course, this usual cultivation method can be productive, but organic cultivation is even more so once the necessary conditions are met . This means, with organic soil rich in nutrients, regular watering and light whether it is solar or not. The creation of this microenvironment, however, which may take time, is likely to discourage growers eager to obtain a good yield. Once developed, however, it can be more profitable than the others, because it will provide abundant quality crops.

In the meantime, its speed of growth may be lower than that of conventional cultivation, one of the factors that made the success of this one. Cannabis growers, eager to harvest, have invested heavily in the use of chemical fertilizers. However, these can contain harmful substances which, once consumed, can cause certain nuisances. We no longer talk about the disasters they can also cause in the environment .

Fortunately, organic fertilizers and other natural supplements such as C. Ayruveda Pack have appeared in the meantime to support the development of organic cannabis cultivation. Thanks to the C. Ayurveda Pack , organic recreational crops are within everyone's reach (in addition to a basic organic program).

Organic cannabis cultivation for more potency

   Among these benefits is the increased resin formation in flower trichomes. It is the result of complex processes. If you only have a conventional culture medium, the use of the natural supplement for cannabis , this set of 5 products entirely of natural origin from Yukha will be very useful to you and allow you to obtain a more natural consumable product. .

These five formulas contained in the C. Ayurveda Pack have been designed to complement your regular nutrition program, with the aim of improving all stages of the growth and development of your plants. Whether you grow your marijuana indoors or outdoors, the C. Ayruveda Pack will meet your plants' most complex needs. Both the raw materials used and the manufacturing processes of these additives, they are completely natural , which makes them one of the most sought-after products and perfectly suited to organic cultivation.

Efficient , they keep the plants in good health and protected from various diseases throughout their growth. The expected benefit will be in harmony with your ecological precepts. Guaranteed without chemicals such as pesticides or synthetic insecticides, they contain among other things the vectors necessary to give organic cannabis the power, taste and flavor.

To satisfy your desire to consume more naturally, do not hesitate to cultivate organic cannabis and rely on our Ayurvedic knowledge. A product composed of 5 formulas:


  1. Improves and strengthens the rooting phase. Plant / earth balance.


  1. Promotes balanced overall growth while maintaining healthy leaves and roots. Plant / earth / water / air balance.


  1. Improves and strengthens vegetative development in a gentle and balanced way. Plant / water balance.


  1. Increases flowering and improves the quality of flowers. Plant / earth / water balance.


  1. Naturally promotes the formation of aromas and flavors. Plant / air balance.

All derived from plant extracts and made using ancestral methods .

Pascal C.

Yukha autor derechos

Translated from the original French text by Yukha

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A favorable environment for organic cannabis cultivation

A favorable environment for organic cannabis cultivation

Earthworms sign of healthy and organic compost

Earthworms sign of healthy and organic compost

Video, A compost rich in organic and biological matter

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